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Throwin' It Back

Challenge the muscles we often forget to target...its back day!

Set 1:

Perform 3 rounds with short breaks between each exercise

1) 12-15 Push ups

2) 12-15 Deadlifts to Bent over Row with medium-heavy weight

3) 12-15 Prone (on your stomach) Lat Pulldowns with light weight

1) 12-15 Push ups


2) 10-15 Deadlifts to Bent over Row (medium-heavy weight)

3) 12-15 Lat Pulldowns

(light weight)

(advance option add tricep extension)

Set 2:

Perform each exercise for 1 minute with 30 sec break between exercises

(3 Rounds)

1) Superman

2) Russian Twists

3) Rear Delt Raises with Dumbells (light to medium weight)

1) Superman (hold for 1 min)