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Park Bench Workout

Take advantage of nice weather and take your workout outside!

Perform each exercise until fatigue or for about 15 reps. Aim for 2-3 sets.

**This is a leg heavy workout**


-Keep chest lifted and core engaged as you lower and tap your bottom to the

bench and stand right back up by pressing the hips forward and squeezing the

glutes. Make sure knees track the same direction as the toes.


-Place hands on bench. Keep body straight with no arch in lower/upper back

and core engaged. Bend elbows and lower chest towards hands. Exhale and

straighten elbows and push back to starting position.


-Push off 2 feet and jump to top of bench. Alternate which leg steps of bench.

If you need a modification, skip the jump and step up to squat.


-Try to maintain your shoulders over your wrists and bring your knees to your

chest in running pattern. You can also take knees to opposite shoulder to target

oblique core muscles. Modify by slowing down and "marching" instead of runs.

Increase your speed to get your heart rate going for cardio benefits


-Raise your back leg on to the bench while maintaining your legs hip width

apart. Keep your chest lifted and core engaged as you lower and bend your front

knee. Be sure to track the knee to point forward in the same direction as the

toes. Place your arms on your hips or use them as needed to help you balance.

Modify by keeping back leg on the ground.


-Raise one leg and reach the hips back and bend the standing knee until you

reach the bench. Try not to completely release all your weight on the bench and

push to standing right away. Be sure to track the bending knee forward in the

direction of the toes. Use your hands/fingertips to help you reach the bench or

to push back to standing if extra help is needed.


-Start with one foot on the bench. Press into that foot and raise the opposite

knee to your chest as you push off and hop into the air. For modification skip

the hop. Increase your speed to get your heart rate going for cardio benefits


-Start with your leg on the bench or on the ground behind you. Lift and circle

your leg to the opposite position. Keep both sides of the torso long and try not

to lean over. Keep your core engaged and use arms for balance as needed. Take

your time and use leg muscles not momentum to carry the leg.


-Place both feet flat on the ground and bend elbows as much as 90 degrees.

Press into hands and straighten elbows. Keep torso vertical. To increase

difficulty straighten legs.


-Step onto bench raising knee to chest. Place the foot of the raised knee on the

ground and step the foot that was on the bench behind you for a lunge/split

squat position with both knees bent and tracking the direction of the toes. Feet

should be hip width apart on the lunge/splits squat.