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We only get one body! It is important to honor ourselves by taking care of the vessel we are in.

Take a moment to think about how you've treated your body thus far...

What have you been eating and drinking? What have you been applying on your skin and hair?

How have you prepared for lifelong movement and mobility?

When we think of physical health there are many things we can address.

Make sure you address these physical goals on your Training For 30 journey!

physical points of focus:

Image by Caroline Attwood


What are you eating?

What you put in your body has a direct affect on it. Making sure you are eating a colorful plate that includes vegetables, and cutting your sugar and alcohol intake is an easy way to start eating better. Be sure to drink large amounts of water as well.


You can also consider fasting, or juice cleanses, as many people report benefits. 

If you know you struggle in this area have you considered investing in a nutritionist? If you have any unique health situations be sure to check with your doctor before trying new diets and fasting.

Image by Rinke Dohmen

Exercise & Physical Activity

Are you moving your body?

A body in motion, stays in motion! Are you staying active? If you want to age well and live an independent life well into your old age you must invest time exercising!


Physical activity is slightly different than exercise. Physical activity means you do a lot of walking, sport-like recreational activities and hobbies such as dancing, hiking, bike riding, bowling, etc. 

Exercise is planned and prescribed movement with the goal of improving health or skill related components such as muscular strength, body composition, cardiorespiratory, agility, or speed.

Its a great idea to incorporate exercise and physical activity into your life to achieve your fitness and physical goals. 

Click here for workout ideas to get you started!

Image by Clarissa Watson

Grooming/Beauty Products

What products are you using?

What you apply on your hair, skin and nails matters, just as much as what you eat! Your skin absorbs these products and they can enter your bloodstream. 

Be mindful of toxic ingredients in your products that can affect your health and/or have damaging effects in the long run. 

Image by Priscilla Du Preez


How are you presenting yourself?

When you dress well you feel well! Think about the times when you've worn an outfit you loved, how did you feel? Confident, attractive, happy? 

Make sure that you allow your clothes, hair and style to match the reception you want to receive. This does not mean you have to have expensive brands, but this is a call to be mindful of how you are presenting yourself. 

As you strive to become the best physical version of yourself that should include attention to what you choose to wear. 

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