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There is always something we can learn.

Whether you learn more about yourself or learn a new language,

it is a great idea to explore the depths and widths of our brains!

Challenge yourself with new skills, read all the books you never got around to reading.

Learn more about yourself then you've ever known.

ideas for mental stimulation:


Take advantage of therapy services! Speaking to someone who is unbiased and has no motives in your life can teach you and help you learn so much about yourself as they offer a sounding board for the thoughts in your head and your life events.


Take a second to think about how you are contributing to the community and society. Volunteering is not only a blessing for those who are being served but as a volunteer you will experience fulfillment that is often difficult to obtain in a self absorbed life.


Knitting, playing an instrument, learning a new sport, gardening. There is no shortage of new things you can try. Go for it!


Learning a new language can be fun and challenging! Try an app or take a class so next time you travel to a new place you can practice! Your world definitely gets bigger when you can communicate to people across cultures.


A wealth of knowledge can be found in books! Take advantage of the history, information and imagination you can experience through reading.

Click here for a recommended book list for your Training for 30 journey


Your environment can have a profound affect on the way you think and feel. Think about getting rid of clutter and reorganizing your living and work space to invite clarity and organization in your mind.


Put your thoughts on paper. Its as simple as that!

You can start with writing down a few ideas a day.

Having a journal can help you self reflect and allow you to keep track of events, emotions and promises to yourself. 

Click here for Journal Prompts/Ideas


Is there a subject or topic that you have always wanted to know more about? Take a class, or create your own self guided course using videos, and articles/texts to increase your knowledge in that area.

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